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Design and integration of robotic solutions

Robotec is a dynamically developing and rapidly growing company, at the forefront of Industry 4.0 revolution in the countries of CIS region. Our mission is to make a smart factory a reality by introducing to the market transformative technologies that change how whole industries operate.  We specialise in a wide range of solutions that facilitate automation and optimisation of many complex tasks in a diverse number of industries, with a focus on an industrial and collaborative robotics.

We serve a 240 million population market, where industrial sector of the economy accounts for a large proportion of GDP and historically plays an important strategic role for most of the countries across the region, that clearly understands the benefits of more effective and efficient manufacturing that come from optimisation enabled by latest technological advances, computerisation, and robotics in particular.  

Our diverse range of customers operates in a variety of different markets, spread across a wide geographic area, but all equally benefit from our customer-centered approach, which is reflected in our desire of being extremely adoptive and responsive to the needs of a particular clients. 

Robotec is a solution-orientated company with the focus on helping our clients to overcome existing difficulties and shortcomings of their current production process and enhance their overall performance and efficiency by providing our customers with one stop solution for industrial automation and robotization needs.  

When working on a particular project, we begin with an end in mind, and put to work all our expertise and resources providing an end-user, with a full range of services associated with the selection and implementation of highly complex systems within their core production facilities fitted to particular customers’ needs and goals. Typically, starting with an in-depth analysis of a current state of affairs, redesigning technological processes with the aim to improve existing processes with an added benefit of latest technological solutions. Once a particular solution is selected, built and ready for delivery,  we take care of logistics and customs related matters, installation of equipment and extensive training of clients’ workforce on various features of a new technology. Concluding with a provision of post sales servicing, and maintenance of the supplied equipment. Our emphasis is on effectiveness and cost efficiency of a proposed technological solution for the benefits of an end-user. We strive to establish mutually beneficial long-term relations with our customers and are proud that some of our business relationships are spanning over decades.


We consider ourselves as one of the pioneers in a vibrant and rapidly growing market on a regional level. With the assistance and a great technical help of our global partners, we have managed to successfully execute a number of highly complex and technically challenging projects and implementation bespoke solutions within a limited timeframe staying within a set budget, and even going in as far as offering various forms of financing to an end-user, such as leasing, in association with our partners in a multiple financial institutions.

We are constantly looking for a new technological advances that will aim us in an accomplishment of our goal of becoming a leading experts in industrial automation and robotisation on a regional level, and consequentially serving our customers in a more efficient way. 

In that respect we have an extensive experience of locally representing global brands. In vast majority of cases starting from scratch and creating and successfully executing marketing strategies aimed at raising awareness amongst key potential customers in their respective markets and consequential adaptation of a new technology and brands.

We are open to collaborations with new companies planning to expand into and looking for a regional distributor with an existing clients base and an in-depth knowledge of a complex market and expertise in bringing new products, brunches of technology, and specific brands on a local markets.

In case you are feeling ready to enter an exciting, growing and dynamically developing market with our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us on: info@robotec.ru. We’ll be glad to examine your proposals.

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